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The word POS comes from the abbreviation of Point of Sale, sometimes also called Point of Sale System.

Within the field of technology applied in companies, its meaning is related to the tools and equipment used in businesses to carry out sales transactions and customer service at the point of sale.

The specific characteristics of each business will determine the most appropriate POS equipment to use, although in general this usually consists of the following equipment:

  • All in One POS system, computer equipment specially designed for use at the point of sale that has a touch screen and an integrated CPU that serves to control all point of sale operations.
  • Thermal receipt printer, which is used to print payment receipts.
  • Mobile receipt printer, used to print receipts or payment vouchers in mobile conditions.
  • Label printer, used to print product labels containing product identification codes.
  • Barcode reader, for quick reading of product identification codes.
  • Cash drawer or cash drawer, in which the cash from the sales of products or services is kept.
  • Touch screen, used to allow user interaction with the POS system when it is installed on an external computer or even remotely.

There are many brands in the market with different levels of price, quality and service for each of the different types of equipment mentioned, being very few brands that have the full range of products needed to fully equip your point of sale. Among the best known is the POS-D brand that has a portfolio of products with excellent value for money along with one of the best customer service in the category.

All this hardware or POS equipment used to automate the point of sale of your business, requires the installation of a software or system for the point of sale to operate properly, which is compatible with the operating system of the all in one terminal and with the different peripherals that make up the point of sale, otherwise this equipment alone would not work.

Deciding on the most suitable POS equipment to automate the point of sale of your business is not a simple task, since it depends on several technical, operational and commercial factors that must be taken into account. In this sense, you can take advantage of the POS-D brand, which offers you the possibility to receive free and without obligation all the advice you may need to equip the point of sale of your business to be successful.

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