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In recent months we have witnessed a historic moment, with challenges and opportunities that we must take advantage to keep our businesses competitive and continue growing, digital transformation is here to stay, understanding that it not only refers to the incorporation of modern tools to improve the customer experience, in reality it is more than technology, it is the adaptation to new business models.

Shoppers had the need to interact more closely with technology, this generated customers who have returned as conditions have allowed to interact with their environment, but now with more knowledge and asking for more comfort, ease and less waste of time.

The technological transformation of the point of sale has been a revolution, stores must offer a better experience by adapting technological solutions that facilitate the purchase, combining the different channels and thus offer personalized alternatives based on customer needs, integrating experiences to improve satisfaction and results.

Competition from online channels to continue taking a share of the sales pie must be countered with in-store experiences, which, although they must be supported by omnichannel, must be based on making shopping easy and fun.

Customer experience

A memorable experience is the best way to get a customer to return to the store, here creativity has no limit, in this sense the stores continue to innovate, including bars in supermarkets, using technologies such as virtual reality to visualize how you can see the product at home or teaching you cooking classes, crafts, beauty tricks and placing at your disposal the products for you to see them up close and you can even try them.


Every store is looking for ways to differentiate itself, and malls are struggling to survive in the ecommerce world by offering events and other entertainment options.

Eliminate lines

One of the worst experiences a customer can have is waiting in long lines to pay for their products, for retailers this should become one of their top priorities, it is proven that queue abandonment is one of the main reasons why a store experiences losses.

A customer may arrive with the best disposition to purchase one or more items in a store, walk through its displays, make the decision, but when looking at the line to pay, leaves everything and thinks, I'll come back later, already that day the store lost, stopped selling, as consumers this has happened to us not once, but many times.

Technology can make the payment process literally less painful, offer your customers the option to choose if they want in addition to the traditional system, an autopay system, scan the product, enter your payment method, execute the payment, take your item, the receipt and leave the store, make sure you manage enough points of sale with the right equipment and this solution can be an important differential for your store.

We will always have the user who prefers the store staff to perform the process, here the customer experience should consider, speed, zero errors, the ability to visualize on screen the values and quantities of the items and how the total of their purchase is increasing and finally make the payment.

Proper management of customer flows in the store is vital to open boxes according to the need, you must have backup staff that can mobilize from other tasks that are less critical to meet a box, yes, you must design your points of sale considering the maximum and minimum flows.

Facilitate returns

Returning an item in a store can normally be an overwhelming process, this is another source of long lines in stores, but retailers have already understood that facilitating this process simply builds customer loyalty.

Adapt your points of sale to handle returns quickly, offer solutions to the customer, avoid unnecessary hassles, do not make the customer spend more of his valuable time and leave a feeling of good service that invites him to return or better yet to use the balance "if any" again in the store.

Integrate the right technology and equipment for your store and the products you sell, it is important to get advice from experts, do not hesitate to contact us, POS-D can be the difference that allows your business to deliver better experiences to your customers.