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In this opportunity we are going to talk about the aspects that you should take into account before acquiring an all in one POS system for your company.

The first point we want to highlight is the universal doubt that afflicts every business owner: the price. Although in our investment we will try to look for economical options, we must be consistent when choosing the all in one POS system for the point of sale and the peripheral equipment that best suits our company.

How does your business work?

While the software will cover the most specific needs of your business, the physical needs of your business come into consideration. We must take into account if our business is open many hours to the public, if you have a constant flow of customers or what kind of temperatures it must withstand.

That means you need an all in one POS system that can withstand long hours, is agile and can work in a hall as well as in a kitchen. Likewise, your other point of sale equipment must be just as rugged and reliable.

Do they come with a warranty?

Before opting for the most economical option that meets your needs, we must analyze a very important aspect that can sometimes be overlooked: the warranty. If the all in one POS system has one, we must take into account the coverage time and scope. This point is crucial because many times this point is overlooked and businesses do not notice it until the product starts to show defects.

In the case of wanting to make a warranty effective, we must take into account if the supplier offers local support; otherwise we would be dealing with a product with a warranty that we will not be able to obtain.

Can they advise us?

There are many product suppliers and beyond the fact that the products offered are of good quality, we must analyze if the supplier we have chosen offers after-sales services.

In the day-to-day running of your business, accidents can happen: equipment that falls, gets wet or is infected with harmful software; and when this happens it is important to have a company with a team of experts who are willing to clarify your doubts, advise you or even train your staff, either in person, by telephone or virtually, and thus avoid major problems.


The three points we have presented should be taken into consideration when purchasing any point-of-sale tool. You have a business that needs you to make the best decisions so that it never stops being productive; that is why at POS-D we have a team of specialists ready to clarify your doubts, advise you on your next purchase and provide you with the technical support your company needs.


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