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A cash drawer is a must in any business where a lot of cash flows. While keeping money safe and secure is paramount, you'll need a tool that also allows you to make transactions quickly and save time for you and your customers.

If you have made the decision to purchase your first cash drawer, in this post we will discuss the things you need to know before you can purchase one. We have identified 4 points that you should take into account before deciding which cash drawer to choose. Remember that your supplier must clarify these doubts so that you can make the right investment.

Is it compatible?

Before choosing the cash drawer you should verify that it is compatible with all the receipt printers and all in one POS systems that you have in your business or that you are thinking of acquiring.

How does it work?

Throughout the day your business will make many transactions, so you will have to give and receive a lot of cash. Broadly speaking, all types of cash drawers serve the same function, but the benefits of an electronic cash drawer are much greater. Let's analyze the options so you can identify the most outstanding benefits.

Manual: These drawers are opened with a special key or by pressing a button, the operation is completely manual and they don't need a power source or to be connected to a terminal to work. Being a manually controlled tool, which will be in constant use throughout the day, human error can occur. Miscalculation of money, or income and expenses that are not recorded, can be mistakes that cost you money or the trust of your customers and collaborators.

Electronic: These drawers can be operated manually, but when connected to an all in one POS system, the benefits they provide are much greater. You will have greater security than with a manual drawer since they can be configured to open only under specific conditions controlled by software from the terminal. With the same software you will also be able to calculate the amount of cash to be exchanged and control in real time all the money you have accumulated; this way you will make all your operations much safer.

How are they connected?

If you decided to purchase an electronic cash drawer you should check if they can be connected to the receipt printers and all in one POS systems you should check that all your POS equipment share the same type of ports, whether they are USB, Ethernet or that they are compatible with each other.

Do you offer warranty?

This point applies to all the POS equipment you purchase. You should check if the product has a warranty that can cover manufacturing defects of the product, and if it does, you should make sure that they have coverage in your city, either locally, by phone or virtually.

We hope this information has helped you realize the great benefits of security and efficiency that a cash drawer brings to your business. It is an important investment that we recommend you to make as soon as possible, since having control over your income and avoiding human errors in your transactions are key to the success of your business.

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