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If you decide to expand your business and optimize the way it operates, you are probably looking to purchase thermal receipt printers. These printers offer many benefits of speed, time and cost savings, plus they are very easy to use. Before you choose one, we've identified some buying criteria to consider when purchasing a thermal receipt printer.           


These printers stand out for their high speed. They are capable of printing large quantities of receipts per day without losing quality. That is why they are widely used in places such as banks, warehouses and supermarkets. The speed of thermal receipt printers speeds up the attention of each customer, avoiding long lines at your point of sale, so they are equipment that should not be overlooked when you want to optimize and scale your business.

It is recommended that your thermal receipt printer is capable of printing at least 150 mm/s.

Design and dimensions

Unlike more robust printers such as inkjet, dot matrix or multifunctional printers, thermal receipt printers have a compact design that takes up little space at the point of sale of small and large businesses. Refilling these types of printers is a very simple process and the absence of ink prevents awkward accidents in small retail points of sale.

Power supply

Most of these printers are electric and are powered by a cable, but there are also thermal receipt printers available. These devices work in the same way as a thermal receipt printer but are mobile and have a battery that makes them ideal for use in situations that require a lot of mobility. It is recommended that the way they connect to your other POS equipment is through a USB or Ethernet cable.

As already mentioned, thermal receipt printers do not require any ink; this is because they use heat to engrave information on a special paper. This way, by saving on cartridges and ink refills, they become extremely economical and accessible equipment for small businesses.

By taking into consideration the points we have raised, you will be able to make more informed decisions about the features of the next printer you purchase for your business.


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