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Barcode scanners are vital equipment for many businesses. Using a laser, it is capable of reading and interpreting a barcode, displaying information about a product, such as its place of origin, manufacturing company, product name, price and the serial number that identifies it.

Like all point of sale equipment, barcode scanners are intended to speed up the sales process and save time. If you decide to purchase a barcode scanner, you will notice its benefits from day one.

Fast equipment

These devices take no more than a couple of seconds to access all the information in a barcode, helping to speed up the transaction with customers.

They report on consumer trends

When integrated with an all in one POS system, they can record in detail the products with the highest demand, allowing you to make better business decisions.

They are very accurate

This type of technology is very accurate. There is no margin for error when reading barcodes, even damaged ones.

Avoid human error

When your business has a lot of items, mistakes are likely to be made. A misidentified product or a miscalculated price are mistakes you can't afford to make throughout the day. By implementing a barcode scanner, these problems cease to exist, since these operations are performed automatically from a terminal.

There is a device for your needs

There are many functions for a barcode scanner, so there are different types of barcode scanners. Below we will tell you a little about the most commercial types of barcode scanners:

  • Wired barcode scanners: These scanners have a pistol type model that is very comfortable in the hand. They are very common in warehouses, pharmacies and retail stores. They work very well on any type of surface and can easily withstand harsh conditions such as water splashes and dust. They are connected via a cable to the point of sale POS system, so they cannot be moved too far away from the terminals.
  • Wireless barcode scanners: These scanners, like the wired ones, are designed to be very easy to handle. They have a Bluetooth connection, which allows them to be used up to 30 meters away from a terminal. This, and the fact that they have a rechargeable battery, makes them quite versatile equipment usually used in large industrial warehouses, department stores and supermarkets.
  • Desktop barcode scanners: These are scanners fixed to a platform. They are usually used to register many products quickly, for example, at supermarket checkout counters.


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