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If you have a small business you are probably looking for ways to automate the point of sale of your business in order to increase your sales and improve the shopping experience of your customers.

Nowadays, there is more and more competition in all areas and the battle to remain the favorite of our customers is increasing. One of the main drawbacks faced by small businesses and retailers, which limits their ability to grow, is the difficulty they have to incorporate technology for the point of sale in their businesses, often due to the lack of knowledge they have about how to do it in an economical way and without losing benefits.

That our business has the best point of sale or POS equipment is a key element for its growth and a determining factor for its success, because we will be able to automate tasks at the point of sale, speed up sales processes, reduce customer waiting times and have greater control of our business, among other benefits.

Now, the question is how to know which is the best equipment for the point of sale of my business?

First of all, we must understand that not all types of businesses are the same and that the needs with respect to technology for the point of sale or POS for example restaurants, wineries, hairdressers, florists, pharmacies, clothing stores, among others, are not the same.

That is why, to determine which are the best point of sale or POS equipment for our business we must first know the characteristics of it and the requirements of use that will demand this equipment.

For this it is always important to have the advice of an expert who can advise us in this regard, since in the case of choosing a POS equipment that is not properly adapted to the particularities of our business, we can assume the risk that this equipment will not work properly, thus generating interruptions in the operation of our business, customer discomfort, economic losses, high maintenance costs, etc.


(discover the consequences of choosing the wrong equipment for your point of sale)

Precisely to avoid this, the POS-D brand, which has a wide range of POS equipment with the best value for money on the market, offers you the possibility of receiving free and non-binding technical and commercial advice directly from the brand's experts, precisely to avoid all these risks and give you the peace of mind that you will have the POS equipment that best suits the specific needs of your business.

As we have mentioned, the POS equipment needed to equip your point of sale will depend on the particularities of your business, although this equipment is usually the following:

  • All in One POS System, computer equipment specially designed for use at the point of sale that has a touch screen and an integrated CPU that serves to control the entire operation of the point of sale.
  • Thermal receipt printer, which is used to print payment receipts.
  • Mobile receipt printer, used to print receipts or payment vouchers in mobile conditions.
  • Label printer, used to print product labels containing product identification codes.
  • Barcode scanner, for quick reading of product identification codes.
  • Cash drawer, in which the cash from the sales of products or services is kept.
  • Touch screen, used to allow user interaction with the POS system when it is installed on an external computer or even remotely.

As you can see, there are several devices required to equip a point of sale, which increases the complexity of this decision. In addition, to add more difficulty to this situation, there are few brands in the international market that design and manufacture under the same brand all the different types of equipment mentioned, finding a multitude of brands that market only receipt printers or point of sale systems or only scanners, etc., which makes it even more difficult for entrepreneurs to face the crucial decision of how to equip their point of sale.

In this sense, one of the strengths of POS-D is that it is one of those few brands that exist internationally that has a complete range of products for each of the different types of equipment needed to equip a point of sale under the same brand, which brings peace of mind and simplicity to companies when facing this important decision.

Another of the advantages of the POS-D brand is that, taking advantage of its extensive experience in the point of sale sector and with the aim of achieving a higher level of adaptation of its products to the characteristics and needs demanded by different types of businesses, it has four product families, as follows:

  • BASIC Line: ideal for those businesses that have moderate usage requirements and require solvent and accessible point-of-sale equipment.
  • PRO Line: ideal to accompany the growth of those businesses that have intensive use requirements at their point of sale.
  • XPERT Line: ideal for those businesses that require equipment for their point of sale prepared to withstand the most extreme conditions of use.
  • STYLE Line: made up of equipment specially designed to provide exclusivity and elegance to the point of sale of those businesses that seek to delight the shopping experience of their customers without sacrificing the reliability of their point of sale.


Last but not least, remember that when deciding on the best point of sale equipment for our business, whether it is a restaurant, clothing store, pharmacy, beauty salon, bakery, supermarket, minimarket, wine shop, florist or any other type of business, we must keep in mind the added services that the brand can offer us beyond the quality of the products we are buying.

Having the support of a good brand to feel confident that you will not be alone in the event of any inconvenience with the equipment of your point of sale.

That is why we should always look at aspects such as:

  • Product warranty.
  • Availability of a network of qualified distributors.
  • Quality of after-sales service.
  • Local technical support centers and our language
  • Local availability of spare parts
  • Access to technical advice
  • Maintenance options
  • Financing options

In this sense, the POS-D brand offers you special free coverage thanks to the POS-D warranty, which offers its customers the benefit of an additional year of warranty against manufacturing defects for registering your products on its product registration platform. In addition, it has a network of qualified partners in which you can trust to receive the advice and training necessary for the success of your operations, as well as a network of local technical support in your language that will allow you to quickly resolve any incident that may arise with your products, once the problem has been reported through its fault reporting platform.

Likewise, if your company requires it, the brand offers you the possibility of accessing different types of maintenance and financing contracts for your equipment, either through technological renting or technological leasing, among others.

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