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Customer displays are optional accessories for your all in one POS system. They serve the function of keeping the customer informed about the items they are buying. They can display the items being purchased and their prices as they are registered on the POS system, either manually or with a barcode scanner.

The use of customer displays has become more prominent over the years and they are now considered powerful marketing tools. They can be used to display business offers, promotions or additional benefits that you can receive from us, this way making the transaction even more beneficial.

Let's explore what types of customer displays are available to you so you can make the purchase that will benefit your business the most.

VDF Displays

These displays are small, compact and use very little power. They are a small fluorescent display with space for up to 40 characters in 2 rows. These displays have very restricted uses and are mainly used for the customer to keep track of the accumulated price of all the items they are purchasing.

TFT Displays

These displays act as second screens. They fulfill the objective of the VDF displays in addition to the full color images and video capability. They enhance transactions by combining sales information with information about discounts, offers and additional benefits.

By implementing a customer display you will be getting a powerful tool that will improve the relationship with your customers. By providing them with useful information and incentivizing more sales in a smart way, you will make them have more confidence in your business and, therefore, this will mean higher profits for you.

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