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Today's patients are more informed than ever before and have access to a greater number of options, offers and services to satisfy their needs. Healthcare companies find themselves in a highly competitive and changing environment. How do you stand out? By offering fast, simple and integrated solutions to patient problems and an excellent experience.

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, customer experience -a term known as customer service- is "the internal and subjective response that customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company.

According to the authors, the secret of a good experience does not lie in the multiplicity of offers or services offered, but in the experiences of patients during the purchase or provision of a service, and the value proposition of each offer and service provided. "The quality and scope of service are also important, as the goal is to provide a positive user experience," Schwager and Meyer point out.

POS equipment is an ideal tool for improving the patient experience in healthcare companies, pharmacies or clinical laboratories. Why? One, because they help healthcare companies collect and analyze patient data in an automated way at different touch points. Second, because they help companies design an effective and efficient customer and/or patient journey.

Schwager and Meyer define touch points as "the instances of direct patient contact with the product or service provided". The term customer corridor is used to describe the series of touch points a patient experiences. "Interactions are most important when the primary offering is the provision of a service, as they lead the customer to a subsequent and more valuable interaction."

The digitization of administrative processes through the use of POS equipment and tools makes it possible to serve patients from admission to discharge more quickly and systematically, optimize the administration and/or sale of required medications, and streamline point-of-sale transactions.

Patient care equipment

POS-D is an international company with a wide range of products to optimize patient care processes in healthcare companies, pharmacies and laboratories. The following POS-D equipment is indispensable for businesses in the healthcare sector:

  • Label printers: they facilitate the printing of barcodes to identify samples and/or medications, guaranteeing the correlation between the sample and/or medications and the patient.
  • Wireless barcode scanners: Optimize the identification of patients and provision of medical services through the use of barcodes.
  • ALL IN ONE POS systems: Ideal for points of sale with limited space that require a compact terminal with integrated printer.
  • Receipt printers: Fast ticket printing speeds up patient check-in and other administrative processes, improving patient care.

Each healthcare, pharmacy or laboratory company and its patients have different characteristics and needs. These characteristics and needs define your customer corridor and will determine which POS equipment and tools are best suited to achieve your goals.

POS-D understands the importance of every interaction and touch point with the patient resulting in a positive experience. For this reason, POS-D provides you with a free, personalized consultation with its expert technical staff to design the ideal patient corridor for your company, and the creation of a unique and memorable patient experience.

This advice is accompanied by training in the use of the equipment purchased, a local technical support network in your language, and a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects. For more information, please review the POS-D Product Catalog and schedule a personalized, no-obligation consultation.

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