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When faced with the challenge of automating our business with point of sale equipment, we always seek to optimize the benefits of our investment by choosing devices that meet our needs and do not represent additional costs in the long run. When it comes to selecting a receipt printer for our business, there are many types of technology on the market. Two types of printers are the most popular for a point of sale, thermal printers and matrix printers.  

There is always a doubt about which one is better for our business, that is why in this article we explain briefly how they differ to clear your doubts and help you make the best decision.

  • Thermal receipt printers:

Thermal receipt printers, as their name suggests, use heat to engrave data on the paper. They have a more modern technology that does not use any type of ink, only a special type of paper that changes color when in contact with heat.

They work at high speeds where the absence of ink makes them more economical and efficient. Their design makes them compact and perfect for use in small spaces or high temperatures such as kitchens, public transport or markets.

The main disadvantage of this type of printer is that the information printed on the tickets disappears over time and can become unreadable if not stored carefully.

  • Matrix receipt printers:

These printers have an older technology that uses a head that impacts with an ink ribbon on the paper to achieve the printing; due to this the vouchers issued withstand the passage of time very well, but it makes their materials become more expensive than those of a thermal ticket printer.

They are slow and can be noisy. This makes them less than ideal for use in small businesses with direct customer service or those that have a very fast flow of customers.

Both types of printers have a place in a company that does not want to lose pace with technological advances. If you need a printer that allows you to print receipts to your customers quickly, reliably and economically, you should buy a thermal receipt printer. And if you need to issue documents that won't lose readability over the years, it would be best to opt for a dot matrix printer.


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