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When you go to a business and purchase a product or service, the company spends time issuing you a receipt. Many times they should have given you a receipt filled out by hand; but this is a time-consuming process, subject to human error and more and more obsolete.

New technologies allow us to issue printed receipts that speed up customer service. You may be thinking of a regular printer like the one found in many homes, but today we want to talk to you about a type of technology that is an even more efficient, economical and applicable solution, both in franchises and small stores.

Thermal receipt printers are specialized equipment for issuing receipts at your point of sale. What differentiates them from regular ink printers are the space they occupy, the resistance to different types of temperature, the speed with which they work and, most importantly, the technology they use to print without using any type of ink.

As the name suggests, thermal receipt printers are capable of printing using heat. Thermal paper or chemical paper is a paper that reacts to heat by changing color. This paper has two sides: one opaque and one glossy. When heat is applied to the opaque side, the glossy side darkens, generating the information on the receipt.

What advantages does this technology bring to my business?

  • Economic: No need to invest in ink cartridges. Thermal paper performs better and is more economical than regular paper.
  • Quality: It is a very reliable technology. It has very good printing quality, both in small receipts and in large vouchers with many items.
  • Reliable: They need very few components to operate, minimizing the number of times they need maintenance.
  • Speed: These printers have the ability to print many receipts quickly and run throughout the workday without losing quality.
  • Environmentally friendly: By not using any ink and not releasing any waste, these printers are significantly more environmentally friendly.
The benefits of thermal receipt printers should not be overlooked if you want to take your business to the next level. Upgrading your equipment and the way your business operates will allow you to keep up with technological changes and the demands of your new customers.