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The success of a business depends a lot on how competitive the company is in its market and what POS technology it uses to allow it to automate sales processes and improve the shopping experience of its customers.

Having your business well equipped with the best POS equipment in the market makes a difference in many ways, especially because it benefits your business and will make it grow, however, what are the consequences of not choosing the right POS equipment?

Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel, convenience store, minimarket, supermarket, hairdresser, beauty salon, pharmacy, clothing store, florist, etc., it is essential that you have the POS equipment that best suits the needs of your business. In addition, we must keep in mind that the equipment that a restaurant needs are not necessarily the same that a clothing store needs, since each type of business has particular characteristics that will influence the decision to choose the most appropriate equipment for sales in your business to be successful, leaving you and your customers satisfied.

In the same way, equipping a point of sale requires the combination in the same depending on the type of business of different devices that must be integrated and work simultaneously, such as an all in one POS system, thermal receipt printer, mobile receipt printer, label printer, barcode scanner, touch screen, cash drawers, among others.

One of the most common problems of entrepreneurs is that in many occasions, either by ignorance or by receiving inadequate advice, they choose the wrong equipment for the point of sale of their business, which unfortunately translates into a series of consequences:

  • Interruptions in business operations: these occur because the point-of-sale equipment they are using has not been designed to withstand the conditions and demands of use that their business demands, causing them to present continuous failures, slow operations and unwanted interruptions.
  • Customer frustration and discomfort: caused by slow sales operations that make the purchase experience unpleasant with long waiting times in the best of cases and the impossibility of carrying out transactions in the event that the equipment fails definitively, thus generating economic and reputational losses for the business.
  • Situations of stress and anxiety for our employees: As well as our customers, we must also think about our employees because they can get frustrated, suffer stress and feel embarrassed in front of customers if we do not have POS equipment to facilitate their work and help them to give 100%, consider that manual work can make them lose valuable time, putting them to write tickets hurts them, search the price list takes a certain time, so it is important to give them tools with which they can work to the best of their ability and facilitate their day to day.
  • Substantial economic losses: in the short term caused by the loss of sales resulting from the interruption of operations due to equipment failures and in the medium term due to the loss of customers related to the rejection they will feel towards our business.
  • Maintenance cost overruns: related to continuous equipment failures that will force us to suffer unnecessary repair costs and continuous maintenance expenses, thus representing substantial economic losses for our business.
  • Cost overruns due to premature renewal of equipment: because the durability or useful life of the equipment will be drastically reduced as they are not prepared to withstand the conditions of use of our business, forcing us to renew them much earlier than expected, thus causing the loss of our investment and new added cost overruns.
  • Replacement of equipment due to lack of spare parts: this is a very frequent problem when we purchase equipment based solely on its characteristics and do not consider the brand's support. Therefore, if the brand we buy does not have local technical support service or sufficient spare parts, we will be unable to carry out any repairs quickly and will be forced to buy new equipment, thus generating more added costs.
  • Lack of a quality after-sales service: we know that true friends are those who are always there when things go wrong, so it is very important that we always opt for a solvent brand capable of giving us the necessary support to deal with the incidents that may occur with our equipment.
  • Etc.

As you can see there are many consequences of choosing the wrong POS equipment for your business, so it is always essential to have the advice of an expert who has the knowledge and experience to understand the characteristics of your business and the requirements that this will demand our all in one POS system, thermal receipt printer, mobile receipt printer, label printer, barcode scanner, touch screen, cash drawers, among others.

Aware of the difficulty of choosing the right POS equipment for your business, the POS-D brand offers you the possibility of receiving free and non-binding technical and commercial advice directly from one of its experts, so that the choice of equipment for your point of sale is a success.

(Take advantage of this opportunity and book a consultation with one of our experts).

This advice will allow you to have a clearer vision about the POS equipment that your business needs, benefiting from the advantage that POS-D has the POS equipment with the best value for money so you can equip or renovate your point of sale in a solvent way and without spending unnecessarily.

Finally, mention that another key aspect for the success of your point of sale will be related to the choice of POS Software for the point of sale used to integrate the management of operations with the equipment, so another of the benefits that POS-D can offer you, taking advantage of its extensive experience in the POS sector, is that it can recommend the POS software that best suits your business, thanks to its network of qualified distributors to accompany you closely to the success of your business.

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