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Francis Bacon said it more than 500 years ago and 21st century technological advances have confirmed it: information is power. Obtaining and analyzing information in an automated way puts your business at an advantage for strategic decision making, and allows you to connect more effectively with your customers. All this and more is possible through the use of POS equipment, and is especially relevant in healthcare companies, pharmacies and clinical laboratories.

The term POS comes from the abbreviation of the English expression "point of sale", and refers to the computerized information management system used by businesses to manage their point of sale. The point of sale is the physical place where the payment for a purchased good or service rendered is made, and includes both the hardware and the software used to carry out the transaction.

When we talk about POS equipment, we refer to the set of tools (hardware and software) that allow a business to respond to the demands and needs of its customers in a faster, more effective and efficient way. Advances in the field of information technology have allowed these tools to offer increasingly better possibilities for storing, processing and analyzing data.

These tools are available for all types of businesses and industries. Here are five reasons to use POS equipment in healthcare companies, pharmacies and clinical laboratories:

  1. Improve customer service: automating and digitizing administrative processes through the use of POS equipment will allow your staff to serve patients more quickly and systematically, avoid long waits, and speed up sales transactions.
  2. Create a database: in order to provide quality service, it is necessary to have quality information. With POS equipment you can create a rigorous database with all the information and medical history of each patient seen and to be seen.
  3. Real-time information: with POS tools you can access each patient's medical data immediately, which optimizes the provision of medical care and the administration and/or sale of the required medications.
  4. Control of sales and services rendered: with POS systems you will have control of all sales made and medical services rendered. This is ideal for analyzing the status of your business with respect to the established goals, and to satisfactorily address any claims.
  5. Better knowledge of your customers: analyzing the information collected in your database and control of sales and/or services rendered through POS tools will allow you to know in depth the needs of your patients and determine what changes you should make or what strategies you should implement to meet their needs in a more personalized way and provide them with a better experience.

Where to start?

The specific characteristics of your healthcare company, pharmacy or laboratory will determine the most appropriate POS equipment to use. Here are four POS-D devices that are ideal for healthcare businesses:

  • LP 300 X Label Printer
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner PRO 2D BT
  • ALL IN ONE point of sale system DELUXE POS
  • Thermal Receipt Printer TP 300 PRO 

POS-D is an international company with a complete range of products to equip your healthcare, pharmacy or laboratory business. Determining which equipment is best suited for your business is an important decision. For this reason, POS-D offers you the advice of an expert who has the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the characteristics and requirements of your business. This advice is completely personalized, free of charge and with no commitment to buy.

POS-D also offers the necessary training for the use of the equipment purchased, a local technical support network in your language, and an additional one-year warranty for manufacturing defects when registering your products on the POS-D platform. For more information, schedule a consultation with POS-D and find out how to equip your business for success.

(Find out how to equip your point of sale in an economical way and without losing features).

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